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Lugano, November 2010

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since last I wrote to you, and while the  holiday season is knocking at our door, a lot of you are charmingly reminding me that another round birthday is on the horizon attracting, as usual, a lot of attention, questions, requests and especially rumors!

It is known that since my 70th birthday I have been reluctant to participate or authorize any kind of Valente-Birthday or Jubilee Shows, and the same goes for any kind of Biographies, Documentaries, Tributes or similar projects. The simple reason being that all in all, far too many such projects may it be in form of TV, Radio and Stage Shows, Books, CDs, CD Boxes or DVDs etc. have been done throughout the years! (Some of them even without my involvement or consent, but that’s another story)

And by the way, did I mention the thousands of Interviews I have given?

You see, there is a lot about me out there, and as much as I feel honored about all the attention, I must admit that I am not too comfortable with it.

On the other hand I do appreciate the fact that a lot of you are curious about my wellbeing and whereabouts and I’m really happy to tell you that nothing has changed since my last message to you.

I am truly blessed with good health and a great state of mind. I have the luxury of enjoying the simple things in life like spending time with family and friends, traveling just as much as I feel like and reveling in the privacy of it all, something I am really grateful for.

So, before checking upon my Christmas cookies in the oven, let me wish you all a most wonderful holiday season and may the New Year bless you and your loved ones with health and lots of happiness!


P.S. Am I going to celebrate my 80th birthday, you ask? I will, but very privately!





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by Bob Davis, August 25th, 2010


Dear Friends,

here you will find the only and exclusive interview Caterina has given in 2009 for the spceial holiday issue of switzerlands weekly “die Weltwoche”

Valente-Interview PDF

by kind permission of “die Weltwoche” (CH)

(c) die Weltwoche (CH)


Every dog has his day.

There have been a lot of reports about me in the German press recently and to my amazement one of them was even based on the truth!

I am not planning a come back!

The main reason is because I am enjoying my private life to the full and am making the most of my good health and happiness!

Understandably I do not wish to interrupt this even with interviews or guest appearances on talk shows etc.

I have made the decision to slowly retire back in 1995, and this has nothing to do with the loss of my brother, Silvio, in 2000 or my hip replacements.

I decided to give my last concert in Leipzig, Germany in 1996 and after 67 working years I made my last television appearance in 2003 for the Italian Television in Turin.

With regard to the articles and so-called friends that have been quoted I have the following to say:

All of the reports about Caterina Valente should be taken with a pinch of salt!

My true friends respect and do not begrudge me my private life and they do not talk about it to the press!

So you if you wish to find out any information about me, there is only one reliable source, my homepage

Well, that’s all for now, thank you for dropping by and have a great summer!

Take care of yourselves…


Lugano May 28th 2009


I learnt from the German press that I was not doing so well. As this was pretty shocking news, I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror. But the Caterina Valente described in the newspapers was not me at all. They must have got me confused with someone else.

I can assure you all that enjoying my private life is doing me the world of good! These days I can do everything in peace that I couldn’t do during my career, such as going to one of my son Eric’s concerts or attending the opening of my friends at the Circus Conelli!

So there is no need to worry – it was just another newspaper fabrication!

What is much more important is that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy 2009. And I wish it with all my heart!


Lugano Dec.4th. 2008


Germany – August 7th 2007


… there you have it…. Caterina is not Roger’s Godmother!