Surprise… and Saudade

I was made aware that unbeknownst to me, the producer of a 2 episode documentary on Brazilian Music I did way back in 1979 for German TV has released the video  to be streamed or downloaded…. Hmm… that’s how they are in Showbiz… they keep you in the dark.

Anyway, this documentary is dear to my heart as I got to be with old friends, make new ones and work with the greatest of legends of the Musica Popular Brasileira… the most beautiful popular music there was and is!

And what fun it was… my then Husband, the extraordinary musician Roy Budd was with us, and for those of you who knew him, there was no moment left without a jam going on… so  every free moment we had was also filled with magical music.

One of the frequent guests on the set was none other than the effervescent Liza Minnelli. Here are some pics I took while we were having breakfast with my musical director and common friend Edu Lobo… in fact Liza ended up singing background on the title song for the documentary which in the end was cut out… still don’t know whyEdu Liza by CV 1979

As much fun as it was, there was a very hard side to this job…. Since this documentary was produced by a German production for German television all the commentary and a lot of the songs are in German.

And believe me, that making the German language work for Brazilian rhythms is not the easiest of tasks even with brilliant lyrics by Carl Schäuble .  This Italian girl admits: not all of my performances here are as they should be!   But in this case, not my singing is important as the stars of the show are my friends and their Music!

So I really do hope you enjoy this little trip thru MPB… and if you should like one or the other of my friends, please please,  go out there buy a CD or DVD, go see them in concert… it is really worthwhile!

Um abraço